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Date Loader for PalmOS

What is DateLoader?

DateLoader is a utility which loads a number of pre-defined appointments into your Palm OS-based computer, e.g. Palm III, Palm V, Palm Vx, Palm VII, Visor and any other machine running PalmOS 3.0 or above. Sample programs are available for free:

Before downloading and installing the utility, please read the installation notes and operating instructions below.

Loading Custom Events with DateLoader

If you would like a customised version of DateLoader to allow Palm users to install a conference agenda, training timetable, etc., FINESYSTEM will build a tailored version of DateLoader for you. Please contact us at for further details.

Installing DateLoader

DateLoader is installed just like any other PalmOS program. The .PRC file should be installed via HotSync, e.g. by double-clicking on the program in Windows Explorer. When you next HotSync with your PC, the file will be copied to your Palm device.

Using DateLoader

Once you have installed DateLoader, its icon will appear in your Unfiled programs and All programs lists within the Palm Launcher. When you launch the program, if you have installed these dates before, you will be warned about installing them again (which would generally leave the events duplicated within your DateBook), otherwise you will have options to Load the events or Exit back to the Launcher.

When you have loaded the events, you may delete the DateLoader program, since there is generally no reason to run it again other than to beam it to friends / colleagues, or to purge events loaded by this DateLoader program.

All events created in the Date Book database by DateLoader create a Note which indicates the event was created by DateLoader. To search for events loaded by the program, execute a Find on your Palm device searching for DateLoader. This will list the events created by DateLoader.

The Purge button deletes all events from DateBook with a Note attached, matching the Note attached to events created by this DateLoader program. Different DateLoader programs will use different Notes to to ensure they don't purge each other's events.

With loading events, if an event already exists with a matching date/time and description, it will not be duplicated. This should avoid doubling up on events in case you accidentally run the program to load events twice.

DateLoader Help

If you have any suggestions or questions about DateLoader, please email us at