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Palm Development

A range of devices all run the PalmOS operating system, which was designed from the ground up for small devices and is the most popular operating system in the palmtop device market today. Originally a proprietary operating system available only on Palm devices, PalmOS is now licenced to a number of device manufacturers including Handspring, IBM and TRG. The Palm home page is

PalmOS is generally programmed using C, though there are several implementations of Java available including Sun's Java 2 Micro Edition (also known as KJava). These Java implementations are still in their infancy, but we eagerly await the day we can develop in Java for mobile phones and handheld devices as well as for PCs and Web browsers!

FINESYSTEM have developed a useful utility, DateLoader, for Palm devices which loads a number of pre-defined events into the Date Book database on your palm. For stress relief, we also have a simple shoot-'em-up game, Alien Invasion!