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Lotus Notes/Domino Development

The Lotus Notes applications have been as diverse as our client base. Sales and Marketing areas commonly bring Notes into a company, and this is where much of our work for British Petroleum, British American Tobacco, BIC Systems, and Ives and Company has been. Other applications include Health and Safety, project tracking, telephone sales systems, field sales systems, and systems to facilitate communication between the client and external companies. At Swiss Bank Corporation, FINESYSTEM worked on back office systems to publish market research material, and to support the work of the research staff. At the Prudential Corporation, FINESYSTEM worked on a training administration system, and databases designed to supply information to answer common customer queries over the phone, rather than resorting to less efficient written responses to busy product managers. For Ernst & Young's National Audit area, an interesting application involved using LotusScript to manage document-by-document backup to large scale, off site backup devices using IBM's ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM).

Since late 1995, FINESYSTEM has also become involved in the Internet through clients' needs to publish Notes databases to the Internet. Fur further details, see our Internet page.

Our projects tend to be relatively small, specific tasks varying from a few days' to a few weeks' work, though there are some long-term projects with which we are involved, notably at British Petroleum where Simon Gregory began working with Lotus Notes in 1992. For these smaller projects, we will often liaise with users to build an understanding of the system requirements, then submit an estimate and possibly a specification for the client's consideration. That rarely exceeds one day's work. The development of the system will proceed if the client agrees, and they are invoiced at the completion of the job to their satisfaction. Generally, the development is done off-site in FINESYSTEM's offices. Our dial-up connection capabilities are often used for communicating with clients, and to access client databases directly to resolve questions and problems.