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Case Studies

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Convert Lotus Notes/Java Application to J2EE/Oracle

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TrustBroker Authentication for Domino

Supporting a client's single sign-on initiative, the Domino Server API Toolkit (DSAPI) for C was used to replace standard Domino authentication with TrustBroker authentication.

TrustBroker is an open authentication application, designed to allow multiple applications to hook into a single autentication and authorisation system. Within TrustBroker, the username assigned each user was their Windows username, which was assigned to the ShortName within the user's Person entry in the Notes Name & Address Book. The NAB was used to retrieve the user's Lotus Notes canonical username (for identification to Domino) based on the TrustBroker username.

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Health & Safety Applications

In separate projects, FINESYSTEM developed and supported applications for recording and reporting on Health & Safety incidents and near misses, and for the maintenance of Material Data Safety Data Sheets in multiple languages with regional variations.

The incident reporting mechanism allowed for the central administration of a distributed incident data capture system, enforcing standards uniformly. Notes replication collects the reports into the central repository, facilitating global reporting.

MSDS' were implemented with templates containing phrase codes, and translations of the standard phrases into multiple languages, sometimes with regional variations. A C program employed the Lotus Notes C API toolkit to allow users to generate the Final MSDS by merging the templates with the phrase translations for the given language / location. This application won the Chairman's award for Health & Safety.

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Development of Lotus Domino/Java Workflow Application

FINESYSTEM supported the development and provided post-implementation project management and support of two workflow approvals with similar application architectures.

A number of Lotus Notes databases were used:

The user interface was implemented by a combination of the JavaScript library, embedded HTML and Lotus Notes forms and views.

Java, embedded in Notes agents, was used to implement the business logic - behaviour of all objects including the workflow.

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PalmOS Application Development

Developed using Metrowerks C compiler for PalmOS, DateLoader takes a series of events and loads them into the Palm's DateBook database. A demonstration implementation designed to load general holidays for UK in 2005 is available for download.

AlienInvasion is a shoot-em-up based on the traditional Space Invaders game, also developed by FINESYSTEM and available for free download.

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